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Most Memorable Days of His Life

In 2012 my father, a WWII Navy Veteran, flew to Washington DC from Chicago with Honor Flight. It was one of the most memorable days of his life. I would like to thank Jeff Miller and Earl Morse who made their dream a reality for thousands of veterans. Many thanks to the thousands of volunteers who donate time to make sure our veterans are safe and well cared for on their honor flights. Please consider a donation to Blue Ridge Honor Flight.

-Susan S.

They had the Time of Their Life!

My husband Paul and his father John made the trip yesterday. They had the time of their life. Both being from military backgrounds, Paul was 82nd Airborne while his father was Marine Corp Veteran. Everything was well organized and thought of. This was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you for all you do for our Veterans.

-April P.

Everyone Involved was Fantastic!

My husband Evan and his brother Griff went on the Honor Flight yesterday and they said it was the most wonderful trip they had ever taken!! They said everyone involved was fantastic!! They are still talking about it !!

-Karen M.


Thank you to everyone that donated funds and time to give my dad such an adventure! His chaperone, Rob Wright, was amazing. He got my dad up front for all the sights! It was heartwarming to see so many people, young and old, in the patriotic welcome home!

-Wendy M.

A Day Filled with Pride, Memories and Appreciation

On behalf of my family, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Blue Ridge Honor Flight, all the volunteers & Americans that donated funds to make the BRHF possible. A day filled with pride, memories and appreciation that acknowledged all the veterans on the flight that included my father, Walter Perkins, who is a WWII veteran. We had 10 family members join us in Washington, DC including grandchildren & great-grandchildren for the days celebration!! Thank you!

-Kathleen H.

Great Honor and Privilege

I had the great honor and privilege of being a Guardian for two Korean War veterans on this flight. I will remember it for the rest of my life.

-Ron L.

Thank You

Thank you for including my husband, Victor Clark, on the trip September 30. He has said he would never forget it. The welcome home at the Asheville Airport was a welcome some of those vets never received when they returned from Nam. The pride and appreciation could be seen on the faces of each one in the building. I wish every veteran could take this trip. I truly appreciate all you do for the veterans.

-Janet C.

I have never been made to feel so special!

05/06/07 - Words can't express my appreciation for all that you and your committee did to make yesterday's HonorAir One flight such a meaningful and memorable experience. I have never before been made to feel so special continuously throughout the day. All the big events and little things that were planned showed your expertise and loving care. I was impressed with how the WWII memorial was laid out and its location in the Mall.

Thanks for including the Women's Memorial in the itinerary. I am a charter member. The special greetings we received at all the airports AND the police escort will be long remembered. Please express my thanks to all of your dedicated workers.

In loving care,

Dorothy Managan

I was so impressed with the organization of the day

05/08/08 - Thanks to you I lived one of the best days of my 87 years! I am so impressed with the way you have organized these trips. I'm also impressed that you have amassed a group of helpers that could accomplish anything they wished to do. The reception at GSP! I believe the reception we received, when we sailed into the harbor in New York and a group of USO performers greeted us on a barge in front of the Statue of Liberty, wasn't equal to the one last night! You and your group of volunteers made a lot of friends yesterday. Thank you for what you are doing and I admire you greatly.


Clarence Masters, Tenth Armor Division Third Army

I can't remember feeling so honored!

05/08/07 - What a wonderful day you planned for us. I can't remember ever having felt so honored, respected, and loved as I did on this HonorAir journey to our nations capital. It's a day I'll always remember and I thank you most sincerely for making this all possible and a big thank you to all your team workers too.

My best wishes to you and your co-workers.


Bea Kieck

I can't describe how much I enjoyed the experience

5/08/07 - I am one of the veterans on the HonorAir trip to Washington on Sept 22. I cant tell you how much I enjoyed the entire experience. It was truly overwhelming. Thanks so much for your initiative and hard work. My wife was an army nurse. I wish she could have been with me, my only regret.

God Bless you, Mr. Miller!

- Melvin Hipp

Memories of a lifetime

05/26/07 - Thank you for memories of a lifetime - the trip to Washington on HonorAir One is something I will cherish always - to be with over a hundred World War II veterans and to listen to and share stories was such a wonderful experience.

To have lived during those patriotic years of WWII and witnessed the love of country and fellow man is ingrained in my heart and even though I was never in any battle zones, I have the respect for all the brave men that fought and even gave their lives for our freedom and we should never forget and always be proud of them.

The memorial helps us to remember - lest we forget! Thank you for making the trip so memorable to all of us!

- Bill Mcentire